Swellclay-200 Sodium Bentonite Fruita, CO

Finely-graded sodium bentonite powder is a versatile aggregate, used as a binder in a broad range of applications, from consumer goods manufacturing to construction and beyond. If you’re looking for a Swellclay-200 sodium bentonite clay supplier capable of providing you with a superior product, contact H & H Clay, Inc. today.

We serve the needs of clients across all industries seeking a binder solution that’s safe, effective and versatile.

Consumer Goods

A refined version of sodium bentonite clay, Swellclay-200 sodium bentonite powder is a common base ingredient and binder material used in a broad scope of consumer goods, including:

Construction Materials

For construction materials that require a binder to retain water, sodium bentonite clay is a commonly used additive.

We supply construction companies, contractors and developers with sodium bentonite powder to meet the needs of their specific projects, including the construction of water containment installations such as culverts, ditches, canals and more. The fine grade of this binder makes it a perfect aggregate to most mixtures.

Swellclay-200 Sodium Bentonite

Agricultural Feed

One of the largest uses for Swellclay-200 sodium bentonite powder is as an animal feed binder and supplement. When mixed in with other vital minerals, this product enhances absorption of critical nutrients in livestock and poultry.

It’s been scientifically linked to everything from weight gain and egg production in poultry to milk yield in cattle. When used in fattening yards, it’s also proven to lower the risk of livestock acidosis.

Swellclay-200 Sodium Bentonite

Your Swellclay-200 Sodium Bentonite Clay Source

If you’re a construction contractor or manufacturer who requires a bulk binder aggregate, make H & H Clay, Inc. your Swellclay-200 sodium bentonite powder supplier.

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